Bring Down the Little Birds
University of Arizona Press, 2010

American Book Award Winner
Austin American-Statesman Best Books of 2010 Selection

bring down the little birds

University of Arizona Press

"Carmen Giménez Smith elevates the motherhood memoir to pure poetry. Who are we, beyond somebody's mother and somebody's daughter? Bring Down the Little Birds dives into all the rich and irritating questions with heart, guts, and humor." Ariel Gore, author of Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness and founder of Hip Mama

"A story that is as innovative in form as it is honest in emotion ... linguistically searing and outrageously smart ... Like Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar does for young womanhood, Bring Down the Little Birds seems to tip motherhood on its side to expose its brutal-though-beautiful underbelly." Austin American-Statesman

"The uncensored thoughts of a creative woman who happens to be pregnant, not a pregnant woman trying to be creative about it. At no point does it feel like Smith sat down to write a 'parenting' book. Ultimately, she does the best thing a writer can do—she trusts her voice. She trusts that her point of view is fresh (it is), that her experiences and analysis are compelling (they are) and that her book will stand out in an often-misguided, cliché-saturated genre. Here's hoping it does." Ms. Magazine (read full review)

"A strangely eloquent and fragmented meditation on motherhood's woe. Few joys of pregnancy intrude—pickles and ice cream and padding around the house barefoot. A poet, editor, and teacher, Giménez Smith is too honest a writer to row that clichéd river." Contrary Magazine (read full review)


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